About the competition

Street Safety Competition

Street safety is a broad community issue and for young people today growing up in WA’s cities or regional towns, how to stay street safe is an evolving concern. The theme of 2020's Your Call competition challenges you to explore the many different ways you can reduce the risks associated with going out and having fun. Work together to find strategies to avoid dangerous situations and stay safe.

The top 10 entries will be showcased at an Awards Ceremony in November 2020.

Western Australia students aged 12-18 years.

Create a 3 minute short film on street safety.

A share in a filmmakers prize pack, and the opportunity to have your film screened at ECU/ WA Screen Academy.

Entries will be judged and shortlisted by a panel of communications industry professionals.

About Your Call

Take the drink or say no thanks? Throw a punch or let it go? Get in the stolen car or walk away? Your Call Rocks puts YOU in charge of the action. In the classic style of “choose your own adventure” books, you decide the actions that change the story and the outcome. With multiple choices to make and lots of different endings, the story really is in your hands…

Our Sponsors

This competition is run by WA Police Force and Constable Care Child Safety Foundation.
It is sponsored by the Commissioner for Children and Young People and Lions WA.

YourCall.rocks uses high quality film production and cutting edge internet interactivity to create harm prevention videos for youth audiences, utilising the well-known 'choose your own ending' storybook concept to create an immersive experience.